Damon & Elena in Season 4 Appreciation Week

Day 3 : Best Quote. It was very hard but I choose this simple word “YOU” because it is everything he needed and everything she wanted to say. It’s simple, no need for a long explanation. It means “I choose you, I love you, I need you, I can’t live without YOU”. This is my favorite “quote” also because it echoes Damon’s “I will always choose you” & this is her turn to say it in her own way. The pure joy on their faces in that moment makes my heart explode everytime that I watch this scene.


Damon Appreciation Week Season 4

Day 5 (May, 30th) - moment that made you happy.

Need I say more?

“Roadtrips work well for us.”
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⇁ 4. Temptation by Moby (#103)

And I’ve never met anyone quite like you before…


I'm not the good guy, remember? I'm the selfish one. I take what I want. I do what I want. I lie to my brother. I fall in love with his girl. I don't do the right thing. But I have to do the right thing by you.

I am not sorry that I’m in love with you.

Crying because this is the last time Damon saw Elena as a human.

The evolution of Elena’s wishes for the future. She knows what she wants now and she wants to live with Damon.


“Stefan and Elena might have a history. But Damon and Elena have a journey.
History is something that belongs in the past, whether good, bad or a mix of both.
A journey is a continuous adventure, always evolving and changing.
A journey is projected toward the future.” [x]