That’s no blizzard! That’s my sister!

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“The crashing of waves, it’s woven in my being. The way they hit the cliffs , embracing the rock with a cold, abrupt sound. I think salt and water have mixed up behind my skin, made me a creature of the sea, longing for the grace of the tides. The echoes inside me never stop ; I’m like a shell rewinding the memory of the greater waters. I have the entire sea overwhelming me, and this body of mine is too shallow, too small to contain it.”

Nude at midnight


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Would love this more if the person mentions Cristina and Owen more

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You have such a huge fan base and it’s such an interesting show. Do your fans ask you for anything unusual? It being such an unusual show.

“It’s hard telling people things about yourself isn’t it?”

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Doctor Who meme | two quotes [2/2]

❝ Oi you two, You’re just mad, do you hear me! Mad! And I’m going to report you for… madness!!. ❞

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Classic Disney Movies
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Frozen is coming to Storybrooke



#the greatest day of his life

#the greatest day of everyone’s life

lookat his face. It’s like he’s found the entrance to the secret candy store

"And Emma comes along and makes us all look like idiots by getting nine A stars and shooting three films at the same time or whatever." - Tom Felton
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